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  1. Best Website for Engagement Rings

    Best Website for Engagement Rings
    1800 Loose Diamonds has invested more than a considerable amount of time and content to the products available to see online. 
  2. Jewelry Sales Decline 

    One can estimate that the sales in all retail categories for the January-to-July period fell 6% to HKD 305.05 billion ($38.9 billion).
  3. Pink Diamond Ring

    Pink Diamond Ring Sotheby's is set to auction a 10.64-carat pink diamond ring.   For example, this pink diamond ring is going for a staggering $25.5 million and will be a feature at the prestigious Sotheby’s Hong Kong sale.  Furthermore, the pink diamond ring is fancy vivid purplish pink center stone and is internally flawless, or IF for abbreviation.  Furthermore, this...
  4. Engagement Rings Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings Los Angeles
    It was at this time the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex.
  5. Round Diamonds

    Round Diamonds Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shape.  The shape is also known as the round brilliant diamond.  Many diamond consumers today prefer this shape and consider it is considered to be a classic.  Round brilliant diamonds are the most reflective and shiny of diamond shapes.  Collectively, round brilliant diamonds represent the collective talents over many generations of gifted...
  6. Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab Grown Diamonds The technology for  Lab Grown Diamonds is short for chemical vapor deposition.  The process to grow CVD synthetic diamonds has increased significantly over the past few years.   Furthermore, this new technology is responsible for improving synthetic diamond techniques that can produce a high-quality near-colorless synthetic lab grown diamond. These Two samples over 3 carats were found by GIA...
  7. Emerald Cut Diamonds

    Emerald Cut Diamonds Well made Emerald Cut Diamonds are a rectangular shape.  Additionally, they come in with step cuts along the pavilion.  With straight line facets.  Furthermore,  in order to increase stability and prevent breaks.  For example, the corners on emerald cuts are usually faceted and shaped. Emerald cuts usually have a large surface table.  With the long step cuts and...
  8. Diamond Supply Shortages

    The amount of goods deferred or outright refused was less than in previous years. Manufacturers are expected to begin ramping up their polished production from the current levels by the end of June. De Beer’s diamond boxes were trading on the secondary market at very slight premiums and with credit terms of up to 90 days.
  9. Grading Diamonds

    The obvious negative ramifications of over grading and misrepresenting diamond quality to hundreds of thousands of consumers are clear; the damage to the diamond industry by the establishment, acceptance and support of a culture that promotes systematic misrepresentation of diamond quality of the outright cheating of consumers destroy the diamond trade from within Accurately Grading Diamonds preserves the trade and keeps it ethical, which is the essential to good industry practice.
  10. Diamond Price List

    Detailed information about discounts that apply to the Rapaport Price Lists can be found online on Rapaport's diamond trading networks. These discounts can also be found in their Trade Sheets which are published in their monthly magazine "Rapaport" magazine. The level to which the discount or premium is applied varies greatly, and is influenced by the many moving parts and factors of the diamond industry. These factors include stone quality and cuts, credit/memo terms, the location and type of market and the liquidity level of particular size -quality combinations. The associated risk of ownership and liquidity also play as important factors. The faster a diamond moves, or sells, the lower the discounts are to the Rapaport Price Lists. Diamonds that prove to be harder to sell in the trade are offered larger discounts. Diamonds that are high in demand, or scarce diamonds may trade at premium to the Rapaport Price Lists.

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