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  1. Radiant Cut Diamond Guide

    Radiant Cut Diamond Guide
    Buying a Radiant Cut Diamond Who doesn't love diamonds? Ever since the 11th Century when a diamond first adorned a Hungarian queen's crown, diamonds have been a girl's best friend. Whether it's a solitaire set in rose gold, drop earrings, or a three-stone ring in yellow gold, the brilliance of diamonds makes them a delight to wear.  When it comes...
  2. Best Website for Engagement Rings

    Best Website for Engagement Rings
    1800 Loose Diamonds has invested more than a considerable amount of time and content to the products available to see online. 
  3. Diamond Studs in Los Angeles

    Diamond Studs in Los Angeles
    In this case, if you need a timeless and beautiful gift that lasts a lifetime, diamond stud earrings are a wonderful option.
  4. Diamond Complaints

    Diamond Complaints
    While some brands or companies suggest a retail price, the jeweler can set the prices he wants.  "I am not suggesting that we set prices, but there has to be some rationale when doing so.
  5. De Beers Diamonds

    De Beers Diamonds De Beers Diamonds is Closing their diamond-repurposing division, as improvements advancements in diamond cutting technology have reduced the need for its services.  The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) set up in 2016 to purchase used diamonds.  The diamonds and jewelry goods no longer wanted and needed by customers.  The De Beers diamonds operation was put together after...
  6. Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings in Los Angeles
    One can find our physical in-store location at 550 S. Hill St #777, Los Angeles, California 90013. 
  7. ALROSA Diamonds

    ALROSA Diamonds The ALROSA Diamonds company is one of the globes leading diamond miners.  Alrosa diamonds company has signed on to participate in developing a new diamond mine in the country of Angola.  Furthermore, this is a joint venture for both the Alrosa Diamonds company and the national diamond company Endiama.  The presidents of both Alrosa Diamonds company and Endiama...
  8. Engagement Rings Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings Los Angeles
    It was at this time the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex.
  9. Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab Grown Diamonds The technology for  Lab Grown Diamonds is short for chemical vapor deposition.  The process to grow CVD synthetic diamonds has increased significantly over the past few years.   Furthermore, this new technology is responsible for improving synthetic diamond techniques that can produce a high-quality near-colorless synthetic lab grown diamond. These Two samples over 3 carats were found by GIA...
  10. Emerald Cut Diamonds

    Emerald Cut Diamonds Well made Emerald Cut Diamonds are a rectangular shape.  Additionally, they come in with step cuts along the pavilion.  With straight line facets.  Furthermore,  in order to increase stability and prevent breaks.  For example, the corners on emerald cuts are usually faceted and shaped. Emerald cuts usually have a large surface table.  With the long step cuts and...

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