1. Jewelry Sales and Luxury Jewelry

    Jewelry Sales and Luxury Jewelry
    The same price category has jumped even further for women’s watches.  Thus growing to 7 percent from 2014.  Also, less expensive timepieces under GBP 5,000 have seen a decrease in sales.
  2. Diamonds Help

    Diamonds Help
    Diamonds Help the World Economy How do Diamonds Help the world economy? Programs like the Updated Kimberley Process, the Diamond Empowerment Fund and the Responsible Jewellery Council help strengthen Sustainable Development Goals and ties between corporations and communities. Diamonds Help sustain the communities around them. The Updated Kimberley Process, the Diamond Empowerment Fund, and the Responsible Jewellery Council It is through these...
  3. Engagement Rings Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings Los Angeles
    It was at this time the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex.
  4. Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

    The rose color, also known as pink gold has become increasingly popular in the bridal world.  Furthermore, rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular because of the unique contrast.  Specifically, between the diamond and the metal colors.  Allowing for a dazzling display of light.
  5. Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

    Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings have a variety of details that make them what they are.  While vintage style diamond engagement rings are not actually "vintage" in that they are old. Furthermore, their look is designed to inspire an elegant and timeless motif.  Vintage Engagement Rings can also be found under Vintage Style Engagement Rings.  In this...
  6. Emerald Cut Diamonds

    Emerald Cut Diamonds Well made Emerald Cut Diamonds are a rectangular shape.  Additionally, they come in with step cuts along the pavilion.  With straight line facets.  Furthermore,  in order to increase stability and prevent breaks.  For example, the corners on emerald cuts are usually faceted and shaped. Emerald cuts usually have a large surface table.  With the long step cuts and...
  7. Engagement Rings

    Engagement Rings
    Vintage style engagement rings are very popular with brides today. That is because they are often meticulously patterned and adorned with hand engravings, beads and diamond halo's and other appealing finishes.
  8. Melee Diamonds

    Melee Diamonds
    One should consider an overall budget when purchasing a ring. Depending on your jeweler, you should be able to choose the quality used in your ring, therefore knowing the quality of your small diamonds are paramount when making this decision. While purchasing a center diamonds, the important factors that are should always be considered are the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of your diamond center stone.
  9. Jewelry Industry Technology

    A diamond press that used to take up half a room can now sit on my desk. If you can only make ten stones a year, you're not going to have the market for lab grown diamonds. The result being enough material to be commercially viable.
  10. Rough Diamond Sales

    Diamond dealers have drastically reduced their purchases from diamond cutters which has affected the overall market flow. Diamond dealers also expect that jewelry manufacturers will follow suit and not purchase new inventory for the upcoming holidays. As of July there was little rough diamond cutting and manufacturing coming into the market with plenty of polished available.

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