synthetic diamonds

  1. Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab Grown Diamonds The technology for  Lab Grown Diamonds is short for chemical vapor deposition.  The process to grow CVD synthetic diamonds has increased significantly over the past few years.   Furthermore, this new technology is responsible for improving synthetic diamond techniques that can produce a high-quality near-colorless synthetic lab grown diamond. These Two samples over 3 carats were found by GIA...
  2. Synthetic Diamonds

    GIA is providing one DiamondCheck machine to each bourse free of charge on the condition that the bourses return the data from their samplings to GIA in order to augment the institutes database. The additional data will enhance GIA's ability to detect synthetics in the future.
  3. Synthetic Blue Diamonds

    These new generation synthetic diamonds can yield diamonds with clarity's from Very Slight 2 (VS2) to Very Very Slight 2 (VVS2) and are impossible to differentiate between its natural diamond counterparts using a loupe, a microscope or a diamond tester according to manufacturer.
  4. Tainted Diamond Pipelines

    Tainted Diamond Pipelines The DMIA calls for a meeting regarding synthetic diamonds. This comes in response to tainted diamond pipelines. Also, additionally, relating to the sale of synthetic diamonds. The DMIA is short for, the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America. A vast majority of jewelers have responded positively to putting enforceable measures in place to prevent the sale...

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