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  1. Best Website for Engagement Rings

    Best Website for Engagement Rings
    1800 Loose Diamonds has invested more than a considerable amount of time and content to the products available to see online. 
  2. Diamond Studs in Los Angeles

    Diamond Studs in Los Angeles
    In this case, if you need a timeless and beautiful gift that lasts a lifetime, diamond stud earrings are a wonderful option.
  3. Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings in Los Angeles
    One can find our physical in-store location at 550 S. Hill St #777, Los Angeles, California 90013. 
  4. Engagement Rings Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings Los Angeles
    It was at this time the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex.
  5. Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

    The rose color, also known as pink gold has become increasingly popular in the bridal world.  Furthermore, rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular because of the unique contrast.  Specifically, between the diamond and the metal colors.  Allowing for a dazzling display of light.
  6. Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

    Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings have a variety of details that make them what they are.  While vintage style diamond engagement rings are not actually "vintage" in that they are old. Furthermore, their look is designed to inspire an elegant and timeless motif.  Vintage Engagement Rings can also be found under Vintage Style Engagement Rings.  In this...
  7. Round Diamonds

    Round Diamonds Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shape.  The shape is also known as the round brilliant diamond.  Many diamond consumers today prefer this shape and consider it is considered to be a classic.  Round brilliant diamonds are the most reflective and shiny of diamond shapes.  Collectively, round brilliant diamonds represent the collective talents over many generations of gifted...
  8. Diamond Tennis Necklaces

    Diamond Tennis Necklaces Diamond tennis necklaces come in a variety of styles, lengths, sizes.  They are a symbol of tradition and style and a staple in the fine jewelry industry. Choosing the right type of diamond tennis necklace may be difficult.  As there are so many options to consider.  As well as prices, diamond qualities, and metal used.  Before making a...
  9. Diamond Sales

    Diamond Sales Decline Diamond sales fall for the Dominion Diamond Corporation. The corporation reported a 21% decrease in sales during the year ending on January 31. The diamond sales decline was a result of two of its lower quality diamond mines located in Canada. Despite the lackluster sales from the previous year, the company expressed a positive outlook for the...
  10. Pink Diamonds

    The Pink Star diamond was cut from a rough stone weighing 132.50 carats. After the diamond was cut and polished it weighed in at 59.60 carats. The color grade is a phenomenal strong hue of pink, defined officially as fancy vivid pink.

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