Beverly Hills

  1. De Beers Diamonds

    De Beers Diamonds De Beers Diamonds is Closing their diamond-repurposing division, as improvements advancements in diamond cutting technology have reduced the need for its services.  The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) set up in 2016 to purchase used diamonds.  The diamonds and jewelry goods no longer wanted and needed by customers.  The De Beers diamonds operation was put together after...
  2. Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings in Los Angeles
    One can find our physical in-store location at 550 S. Hill St #777, Los Angeles, California 90013. 
  3. Gem Quality Lab Grown Diamonds

    Gem Quality Lab Grown Diamonds
    One should note that gem quality lab grown diamonds account for only 3% to 4% of sales in the global diamond market.
  4. Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

    The rose color, also known as pink gold has become increasingly popular in the bridal world.  Furthermore, rose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular because of the unique contrast.  Specifically, between the diamond and the metal colors.  Allowing for a dazzling display of light.
  5. Princess Cut Diamonds

    Princess Cut Diamonds Princess cut diamonds come in all diamond colors and clarities.  They are the second most popular cut shape for diamonds.  Coming second only to the round brilliant cut. Coming in the shape of either square or rectangular.  Princess cut diamonds have a profile or side shape that looks like a pyramid with four beveled sides. The princess cut diamond is a...
  6. Los Angeles Jewelry District

    1-800 Loose Diamonds maintains an extensive inventory ranging from .01-20+ carats. Furthermore, 1-800 Loose Diamonds entire inventory listed is privately owned. Located in the Los Angeles Jewelry District 1-800 Loose Diamonds has access to thousands of wholesale dealers not open to the public.
  7. Diamond Cutters

    GIA standards and cutting diamonds are two separate entities that are symbiotic.
  8. Rough Diamond Production

    Reviewing Rough Diamond Production Rough diamond production increased as Rio Tinto's Argyle mine grew 6 percent year after year.  3.6 million carats of rough diamonds in addition to and 10 percent growth recorded at the Diavik mine.  Rough diamond production at the Argyle mine increased 4 percent to 14 million carats.  Especially relevant, Diavak's full year production schedule estimates an...
  9. Jewelry Industry Technology

    A diamond press that used to take up half a room can now sit on my desk. If you can only make ten stones a year, you're not going to have the market for lab grown diamonds. The result being enough material to be commercially viable.
  10. Rough Diamond Sales

    Diamond dealers have drastically reduced their purchases from diamond cutters which has affected the overall market flow. Diamond dealers also expect that jewelry manufacturers will follow suit and not purchase new inventory for the upcoming holidays. As of July there was little rough diamond cutting and manufacturing coming into the market with plenty of polished available.

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