Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings have a variety of details that make them what they are.  While vintage style diamond engagement rings are not actually "vintage" in that they are old. Furthermore, their look is designed to inspire an elegant and timeless motif.  Vintage Engagement Rings can also be found under Vintage Style Engagement Rings.  In this sample picture this vintage style engagement ring has a diamond halo, a cushion cut center diamond, filigree engraving, and adorned with two trapezoid diamonds.

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings Engraving work is often including in the Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings.

Diamonds and Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings have specific motifs that classify them as vintage style engagement rings.  Such telltale signs include engraving, micro-pave setting, and diamond halos.  Many vintage engagement rings feature center diamond shapes like the asscher cut, emerald cut, and cushion cuts diamonds.  Likewise, these shapes enhance the overall look of vintage engagement rings.

Vintage Engagement Rings Vintage Engagement Rings have many types of engraving work done on them.





Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Diamond shapes like the cushion cut are a very popular combination for vintage style diamond engagement rings.  Also, during the turn of the century, rose-cut and cushion cut diamonds were the most popular style for vintage engagement rings.  Also, yellow gold settings were also much more popular at this time.

Split Shank Diamond Halo Engagement Ring You are looking at our split shank diamond halo engagement ring show in white gold.








Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings and Engraving Styles

Engraving styles on the Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings almost always come with filigree or milgrain beading.  These engraving styles enhance vintage style diamond engagement rings.  There are unlimited patterns of engraving styles, just as there are many vintage engagement rings.  Often times designers utilize patterns unique to their brand of vintage engagement rings.

Filigree is a type of delicate engraving done on the metal of the ring.  Also, the word filigree is an abbreviation by the English.  It derives from the word filigreen which itself comes from the Latin language. In Latin "filum" meaning thread and "granum," a grain, or a small bead.  The Latin word then evolved into the Italian filigrana, which then itself became filigrane in 17th-century French.  Likewise, this type of engraving is usually done on gold but can be done on platinum and other metal types.  They usually come in a combination of small beads that adorn a side of the ring. Also, one may find this type of engraving fashioned into artwork on the ring itself.

The lace style of pattern is another style that is popular in the vintage style diamond engagement rings.  Especially in countries like India and Asia.  Furthermore, this style was at one time popular in Italian, French and Portuguese jewelry work.  However, this only was popular in metalwork from 1660 to the late 19th century.  Also, one should be careful not to mistake ajoure jewelry work with the ajoure technique that requires the drilling of holes in objects made of sheet metal.


Round Diamonds and Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Many vintage style engagement rings can be found with round diamonds and in yellow gold.  Therefore, these vintage style engagement rings also fit the antique style motif.  Likewise, one may find that vintage style engagement rings have twists and round diamond halo accents.  Furthermore, you can expect to see filigree engraving on the halo and along the shank.

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings Vintage Style Engagement Rings come often come in yellow gold.


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