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  1. Best Website for Engagement Rings

    Best Website for Engagement Rings
    1800 Loose Diamonds has invested more than a considerable amount of time and content to the products available to see online. 
  2. Jewelry Sales and Luxury Jewelry

    Jewelry Sales and Luxury Jewelry
    The same price category has jumped even further for women’s watches.  Thus growing to 7 percent from 2014.  Also, less expensive timepieces under GBP 5,000 have seen a decrease in sales.
  3. Cuban Link Chains

    Cuban Link Chains
    Cuban Link Chains Cuban link chains and cuban link necklaces come in a variety of styles to choose from.  They come in many different lengths, width, and materials.  For example, a diamond Cuban Link Chains can be found in silver, gold plated, 10k, 14k, and 18k gold.  For instance, the best way to describe a chain necklace would be that...
  4. Engagement Rings Los Angeles

    Engagement Rings Los Angeles
    It was at this time the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex.
  5. Jewelry Stores Los Angeles

    Jewelry Stores Los Angeles Wholesale Jewelry Stores Los Angeles can be found easily on Yelp.com as well as Google.  Choosing a knowledgeable jeweler is important.  This process can be frustrating.  While searching the internet for jewelry stores Los Angeles one should visit websites like 1800LooseDiamonds.com.  Furthermore, one should browse their reviews.  Jewelry Stores Los Angeles are highly competitive with one another.  However, not all...
  6. Lab Grown Diamonds

    Lab Grown Diamonds The technology for  Lab Grown Diamonds is short for chemical vapor deposition.  The process to grow CVD synthetic diamonds has increased significantly over the past few years.   Furthermore, this new technology is responsible for improving synthetic diamond techniques that can produce a high-quality near-colorless synthetic lab grown diamond. These Two samples over 3 carats were found by GIA...
  7. Engagement Rings

    Engagement Rings
    Vintage style engagement rings are very popular with brides today. That is because they are often meticulously patterned and adorned with hand engravings, beads and diamond halo's and other appealing finishes.
  8. Los Angeles Jewelry District

    1-800 Loose Diamonds maintains an extensive inventory ranging from .01-20+ carats. Furthermore, 1-800 Loose Diamonds entire inventory listed is privately owned. Located in the Los Angeles Jewelry District 1-800 Loose Diamonds has access to thousands of wholesale dealers not open to the public.
  9. Diamond Certificates

    Diamond Certificates Knowing the difference between the various diamond certificates is important.  What you are about to purchase is always important.  It is especially important knowing when your buying a diamond, gemstone or even a jewelry set.  There are several legitimate certification companies that provide a wide variety of service to the consumer.  The purpose of these certification is not only to verify the...
  10. Wholesale Diamond Dealers Los Angeles

    When purchasing loose diamonds and other precious stones, it's important to find a jewelry store that has personnel who have undergone GIA training. Selling GIA-certified stones with no formal training means customers can be misinformed and make bad purchases. Find a Los Angeles jewelry store that understands the ins and outs of stones, how they are rated, etc.

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