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  1. How To Wear and Style Chandelier Earrings

    How To Wear and Style Chandelier Earrings
    While some will say that no jewelry box is complete without a pair of diamond studs, we also think it should contain at least one pair of drop earrings. But there's a point of issue here. Should they be drop earrings or chandelier earrings? Most people believe that chandelier earrings are just a form of drop earrings but there is a difference that any jewelry aficionado understands. Drop earrings can take many forms from simple to highly elaborate but in form, they drop their embellishments from a vertical thin or thick line-line shape. Chandelier earrings are so-called because they are reminiscent of light fixtures of the same name. Like drop earrings, they are long and dangly but instead of a vertical linear form, they hang in sections from a stud, fanning out from the base creating a diamond-like of half-circle shape. A pair of beautiful chandelier earrings make for the perfect statement piece for a special or formal occasion, but some styles can easily be incorporated into a more casual style. The right pair of chandelier earrings can look great with jeans and t-shirt! Here are our tips for how to wear this particular piece of jewelry for a variety of different styles and occasions. No matter what type of chandelier earrings you own, these tips prove that they are jewelry pieces that work all year round because a statement chandelier earring never goes out of style. When You Wear Lace 14k White Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Earrings 14K White Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Earrings   If you are wearing an outfit that has any type of lace motif in the upper body portion, then there is no better accessory than a pair of chandelier earrings. You can style chandelier earrings very easily with lace motif garments, as there is something about this particular statement jewelry that looks vintage and almost antique, which helps to add to the grand nature of the lace you are wearing. Lace is present in a lot of vintage clothing, so when you are wearing something that evokes a certain era, you don't want to ruin the tone by choosing earrings that are too modern looking. With this in mind, chandelier earrings become the perfect choice for maintaining that vintage vibe while still making a statement. Pair With Floral Patterns main product photo 14K White Gold Vintage Style Engraved Topaz Diamond Earrings Floral patterns and chandelier-style earrings can be a match made in heaven. If you can find a pair of floral-inspired earrings so much the better. There is something very feminine about the combination, and you can emphasize this femininity even further by incorporating certain elements like pearls and other very elegant and dainty features like ribbons and colorful gemstones. Chandelier earrings styles that contain pearls are rather favorable with floral patterns, especially if you don't like shiny earrings but still want to make a statement with luxurious and elegant jewelry. Wear On Your Wedding Day 14k White Gold Modern Style Sapphire & Diamond Chandelier Earrings 14K White Gold Modern Style Sapphire and Diamond Chandelier Earrings If there is one special occasion where a pair of chandelier earrings feels most appropriate, it has to be your wedding day. Chandelier bridal earrings provide that level of drama and luxury that all brides want to achieve on the day they get married. If you want to achieve extreme beauty with bridal elegance, then you can't go wrong with a classic white dress, combined with a traditional updo that leaves your neck area free and ear lobes on show to host a pair of statement-making chandelier earrings. On your wedding day, you shouldn't be concerned with not looking 'too glamorous', as it is the one day in a person's life when there is no doubt that they truly are the star of the show! Spectacular chandelier earrings set with diamond and sapphires achieve that special mixture of being traditional and vintage looking but also sparking special interest and attention when worn with even the most dramatic of wedding gowns. Plus, there's a bonus in that the sapphires can be your something blue. Statement Piece In A Minimalist Outfit 14k White Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Earrings 14K White Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Earrings If your personal style is simple outfits consisting of things like black jeans, white top, white dress, the classic little black dress or just a few simple bright colors, then your jewelry choices can become an important part of the ensemble and an expression of your personality. Pieces of jewelry that work really well with a minimalist outfit include colorful and bold earrings because they fill a space on your body that isn't given any focus by the clothes you are wearing. Chandelier earrings are statement enough to be able to do all of the work on their own, so wearing a good quality pair to complement and enhance a minimalist outfit is a very chic trick that you will see used in the pages of all the best fashion magazines around the world. Perfect For A Sweetheart Neckline 14k White Gold Round Diamond & Round Black Diamond Earrings 14K White Gold Round Diamond & Round Black Diamond Earrings If you are looking for a go-to to wear with your new chandelier earrings, then you can't go wrong with a simple sweetheart neckline. A sweetheart-necked gown or top is ideal for dramatic chandelier earrings, as it provides enough room and space for this style of earring to settle in their own area and not overpower or be overpowered by anything else you might be wearing. If your specific pair of earrings don't boast a lot of 'hang' and are on the smaller side, then a sweetheart neck gown can also pair with a beautiful necklace for maximum effect. Standout With A Single Color Dress If your style lends to the dramatic monochrome for both formal and casual, it's easy to make a pair of chandelier earrings the shiny star of the show. Monochrome looks are very chic when put together properly and there's flexibility to choose practically any style of chandelier earrings. Go retro with a pair of art deco geometric chandelier earrings or something more eclectic like a pair of gypsy-style. Chandeliers with colorful gemstones can be that all-important touch of elegance and extra interest that you need to make the look go from good to great. If you are looking for the perfect statement earrings to go with a statement necklace or any other piece of jewelry that you have at home, then look no further than 1800 Loose Diamonds. there's a wonderfully wide range of statement jewelry in numerous styles, types of gold and plenty with different gemstones. There's sure to be the perfect accessory you're looking for. Continue reading →
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