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Whyshould you

But what you want Now And Pay It Off With Interest-Free Monthly Payments

  • Avoid High Credit Card Interest Rates
  • No Credit Check Required
  • Use The Credit Cards You Alreadyhave In your Wallet
  • Experience Easy and Fast Checkout
  • No Need To schedule Payments Or Manage Another Billing Cycle
  • No Fine Print Or Hidden Catches
  • All While still Enjoying All Of your Credit Card Benefits, Like Points, Cashback Or Mileage
HowDoes ItWork?

Your Sales Asoociate will ask you how many interest-free monthly payments you would like to split the purchase amount into on your

  • A $1000 purchase split into 10 payments will be paid off in $100 monthly payments for 10 months
  • Your Credit Card will Be authorized for $1000 And Your Credit Line Held For The entire amount of ypur purchase
  • Each Month The payment amount will be charged to your credit card and the hold on your credit card line reduced by $100
  • Each Month Your Interest-Free Monthly payment will appear on your regular credit card statement under the merchant's name
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