Welcome to the wonderful world of CAD (Computer Animated Design), the newest and most innovative way to design and customize your own jewelry!  CAD jewelry systems help the artist produce, modify and optimize a 3d design with the click of a button. 

Benefits for customers are:

Better pricing, you get the most current price for the item you want; you do not pay interest for items that could be sitting in a retail jewelry store for years. These are investments for jewelers and they need to MAKE MONEY on there investments. 1800 Loose Diamonds will make your item for the best price on the current market hands down!

Production time is much faster using our CAD system.  Some custom jewelry designs can take up to 45 days to complete but using this interactive system increases overall production quality and timing; our orders are usually complete within two weeks from order date.

Your dream design can be a reality! We can literally design just about any piece of jewelry you like.  We work hand in hand with the customer to make sure every detail is accounted for; attention to fine details is our specialty.  Before the design is actually implemented, you will get several detailed images of your item along with a spinning 3d video.  This allows the customer to have a chance to see there item beforehand and will allows them to make any last minute changes before the item is brought to life. See examples of our product below.  .

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