rough diamonds

  1. De Beers Diamonds

    De Beers Diamonds De Beers Diamonds is Closing their diamond-repurposing division, as improvements advancements in diamond cutting technology have reduced the need for its services.  The International Institute of Diamond Valuation (IIDV) set up in 2016 to purchase used diamonds.  The diamonds and jewelry goods no longer wanted and needed by customers.  The De Beers diamonds operation was put together after...
  2. Los Angeles Jewelry District

    1-800 Loose Diamonds maintains an extensive inventory ranging from .01-20+ carats. Furthermore, 1-800 Loose Diamonds entire inventory listed is privately owned. Located in the Los Angeles Jewelry District 1-800 Loose Diamonds has access to thousands of wholesale dealers not open to the public.
  3. Diamond Cutters

    GIA standards and cutting diamonds are two separate entities that are symbiotic.
  4. Rough Diamond Production

    Reviewing Rough Diamond Production Rough diamond production increased as Rio Tinto's Argyle mine grew 6 percent year after year.  3.6 million carats of rough diamonds in addition to and 10 percent growth recorded at the Diavik mine.  Rough diamond production at the Argyle mine increased 4 percent to 14 million carats.  Especially relevant, Diavak's full year production schedule estimates an...
  5. Diamond Production

    "The DeBeers stock at the time of Asian currency crisis of 1997/1998 had a value of several billion dollars. Our senior management questioned whether holding such a large stock was a sustainable and efficient use of capital," Davies said, "and this triggered a strategic review that resulted in a decision to liquidate the stockpile over a number of years." Responding to that claim, Vanderlinden said, "we can only take them at their word. Nobody really knows. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle."
  6. Zimbabwe Diamonds

    The Herald reported that the auditors found dubious procurement figures for the managements personal gain. "There are indications that management may have been doing that in connivance with officials from other sectors of ministry.
  7. Holiday Diamond Sales

    The RapNet index also increased for .30 carat as well as .50 carat diamonds. In the United States most of the diamonds sold are commercial quality goods with strong demand for certified industrial quality in the range of SI 3 to I2 clarity's. Consumers have been gravitating towards lower price points due to budget constraints and these goods have been in demand.
  8. ALROSA Diamond Mining Company

    Production is up for Alrosa; the company mined 9.9 million carats in the third quarter of 2013, up 9 percent from the previous years. The company's overall production for the year reached 27.9 million carats, a 6 percent increase from last as well. The company aims to mine 36.4 million carats total by the end of 2013. Alrosa implemented a number measures in response to continued stagnation plaguing the diamond industry.

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