Black Friday Sale

  1. Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant

    The usual price on this item is $5,300 plus tax however on this Black Friday 11/28/13 and following Saturday 11/29/13 we will honor the price of $4,800 out the door, we pay the tax!
  2. Global Diamond Market

    During the latest round of debt crisis discussion, diamond dealers noted a steady demand for major trading hubs throughout the country; polished goods in the .30 carat to the .50 carat categories and G-I, Si clarity goods were most popular while higher quality VS-VVS goods continued to slump with relatively low demand. The RapNet Diamond Index for 1 carat diamonds fell by 1.1 percent during the period of October 1 to October 21. Similarly, diamonds in the .50 carat range rose by a similar margin. Rap also reported a .2 percent decline in 3 carat rounds.

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