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  1. Diamond Production Increases

    Increases in diamond prices are actually a positive phenomenon, this shows that the luxury industry still has a strong foothold in the world economy and that consumer holdings are increasing steadily. This proves that an investment in diamond and jewelry goods can positively affect the worth of the consumer.
  2. Ideal Princess Cut Diamonds

    The perfect princess cut diamond is extremely hard to find; here are some tips to identify an Ideal or Excellent make princess cut.
  3. Fancy Color Diamonds

    Most fancy color diamonds are considered Z+ in color, which means they are not found on the regular scale of diamond grading for white diamonds. These colors are considered to be very rare and are measured by the hue of color in which they omit. The most popular colors are yellow and pink but there are other rare colors as well; these colors are red, purple, blue and green and are becoming increasingly popular but supply is very limited for these expensive items.
  4. Four Diamond C's

    This article by Elan Lamden of 1800 Loose Diamonds highlights these various parts of a diamond and how they affect the final value/cost of stones.
  5. Diamond Cuts

    When jewelers or graders judge the quality and value of a diamond, they often consider Cut to be the most important of the Four C’s. The way a diamond is cut is primarily dependent upon the original shape of the rough stone, location of the inclusions and flaws to be eliminated, the preservation of the weight, and the popularity of certain shapes. As a consumer, it is important not to confuse a diamond's "cut" with its "shape." Shape refers only to the outward appearance of the diamond, and not how it is faceted.
  6. Diamond Color

    Every genuine, natural diamond has a basic standard color grading system, with D being the highest grade, to Z, which is the lowest. The higher the grade, the whiter the diamond; the lower the grade, the more imperfections of color it contains resulting in a yellow or brownish tint.
  7. Diamond Carat Weight

    A diamond or gemstone's "Carat" designation is a measurement of both the size and weight of the stone. One "Carat" is a unit of mass that is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams or 3.086 grains) or 0.007 ounce.
  8. Diamond Clarity

    Clarity refers to the presence or absence of tiny imperfections (inclusions) within the stone, and/or on the surface of the stone (blemishes). As a consumer, it is important to learn and understand the clarity designations found within the "Four C's" diamond grading system.
  9. Beverly Hills Diamonds

    Finding a pristine, rare, high-quality loose diamond can sometimes be a challenge. There are only so many stones to go around and locating the ideal diamond is tough.
  10. Wholesale Diamond Dealers Los Angeles

    When purchasing loose diamonds and other precious stones, it's important to find a jewelry store that has personnel who have undergone GIA training. Selling GIA-certified stones with no formal training means customers can be misinformed and make bad purchases. Find a Los Angeles jewelry store that understands the ins and outs of stones, how they are rated, etc.

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