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  1. Diamond Carat Weight

    A diamond or gemstone's "Carat" designation is a measurement of both the size and weight of the stone. One "Carat" is a unit of mass that is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams or 3.086 grains) or 0.007 ounce.
  2. Diamond Clarity

    Clarity refers to the presence or absence of tiny imperfections (inclusions) within the stone, and/or on the surface of the stone (blemishes). As a consumer, it is important to learn and understand the clarity designations found within the "Four C's" diamond grading system.
  3. Beverly Hills Diamonds

    Finding a pristine, rare, high-quality loose diamond can sometimes be a challenge. There are only so many stones to go around and locating the ideal diamond is tough.
  4. Wholesale Diamond Dealers Los Angeles

    When purchasing loose diamonds and other precious stones, it's important to find a jewelry store that has personnel who have undergone GIA training. Selling GIA-certified stones with no formal training means customers can be misinformed and make bad purchases. Find a Los Angeles jewelry store that understands the ins and outs of stones, how they are rated, etc.
  5. Buying Loose Diamonds

    For one, look for loose diamonds that are GIA-certified. This will ensure they have been examined, graded and you will be provided with paperwork on the loose stones.
  6. Platinum Jewelry

    Platinum is an extremely rare metal found in the Earths crust. Platinum's wear and tarnish-resistance characteristics are well suited for making fine jewelry, and is more precious than gold or silver.
  7. Diamond History

    Early references to diamonds in India come from Sanskrit texts. Buddhist works dating from the 4th century BC describe the diamond as a well-known and precious stone but don't mention the details of diamond cutting. Another Indian description written in the beginning of the 3rd century describes strength, regularity, brilliance, ability to scratch metals, and good refractive properties as the desirable qualities of a diamond. Golconda served as an important center for diamonds in central India.
  8. Diamond Education

    The Gemological Institute of America is the foremost authority in diamond and precious stone evaluations. 1-800 Loose Diamonds suggests that you follow their guidelines when purchasing a diamond of precious stone.

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