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  1. Synthetic Blue Diamonds

    These new generation synthetic diamonds can yield diamonds with clarity's from Very Slight 2 (VS2) to Very Very Slight 2 (VVS2) and are impossible to differentiate between its natural diamond counterparts using a loupe, a microscope or a diamond tester according to manufacturer.
  2. Rio Tinto Diamonds

    Rio Tinto Diamonds Rio Tinto Diamonds launches a new Chinese Initiative.  Known as "The Fashion of Diamonds" Shanghai, China.  The new initiative by Rio Tinto Diamonds consists of thirteen jewelry collections. As well as comprised of more than ninety pieces of fine diamond jewelry.  This new line incorporates Rio Tinto diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia with designs from five...
  3. Tainted Diamond Pipelines

    Tainted Diamond Pipelines The DMIA calls for a meeting regarding synthetic diamonds. This comes in response to tainted diamond pipelines. Also, additionally, relating to the sale of synthetic diamonds. The DMIA is short for, the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America. A vast majority of jewelers have responded positively to putting enforceable measures in place to prevent the sale...
  4. ForeverMark Diamonds

    ForeverMark Diamonds ForeverMark Diamonds debuts their "ONE IN A MILLION" new ad campaign.  Moreover, they intend to captivate audiences with a new marketing scheme aimed at bringing attention to diamonds.  Furthermore, they developed a gorgeous new image to display the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection.  Additionally, it is to be used in a national advertising campaign targeted at affluent consumers. Branding and ForeverMark Diamonds...
  5. ALROSA Diamond Mining Company

    Production is up for Alrosa; the company mined 9.9 million carats in the third quarter of 2013, up 9 percent from the previous years. The company's overall production for the year reached 27.9 million carats, a 6 percent increase from last as well. The company aims to mine 36.4 million carats total by the end of 2013. Alrosa implemented a number measures in response to continued stagnation plaguing the diamond industry.
  6. Jewelry Industry Marketing Strategy

    The marketing game has changed. In the past marketing was about telling the customers about your product; today, interacting with your customer about your product is the key to making sales. In today's marketing dynamic the centerpiece of an advertising campaign is conversation; providing vital information leads knowledgeable consumers to you who want to interact with their potential vendor.
  7. Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

    The average color for these items are in the H-I clarity, H being near colorless and I having the slightest of yellow tinges. Eye clean J color diamonds are selling in larger carat sizes, especially within the 2-3 carat range. 1
  8. Rose Gold Diamond Ring

    1800 Loose Diamonds only uses diamonds within the range of F-G in color and SI-VS in clarity. Shown in 18k Rose Gold, this stunning piece has its diamonds set micro-pave style with 2.97 carats of brilliant high quality diamonds.
  9. Understanding Diamond Value

    Humans are bound by tradition and that is why many people continue to practice marriage rituals. History shows intrinsic value and extrinsic value have intertwined and go hand in hand.
  10. India Raises Gold Import Tax

    India has increased it's import tax on gold jewelry to 15 percent to from percent, a massive increase by industry standards.