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  1. Type IIa Diamonds

    Since diamonds have been separated into four distinct subtypes: Ia, IIa, Ib, and IIb there has been a misuse and overuse of the term type IIa especially when the Indian mine Golconda is mentioned. It is without a doubt that the Golconda mine has produced some of the finest diamond material in the world however not all diamonds retrieved from the Golconda mine are type IIa.
  2. Diamond Classifications

    Diamond Classifications There are four types of diamond classifications. Science has helped us identify and classify these gemological differences.  More sophisticated technology helps to define characteristics.  And to refine those descriptions. By identifying and differentiating the diamond classifications, consumers ultimately have more choices when purchasing diamonds, thereby expanding the diamond industry's footprint. The Four Diamond Classifications There are four different...
  3. Synthetic Diamonds

    GIA is providing one DiamondCheck machine to each bourse free of charge on the condition that the bourses return the data from their samplings to GIA in order to augment the institutes database. The additional data will enhance GIA's ability to detect synthetics in the future.
  4. Zimbabwe Diamonds

    The Herald reported that the auditors found dubious procurement figures for the managements personal gain. "There are indications that management may have been doing that in connivance with officials from other sectors of ministry.
  5. Diamond

    It will be organized under the "AJA Holding" company. Its goal is to promote growth and exports by encouraging international foreign direct investment for jewelry, precious stones and watch industry. Between January and November 2013, the volume of diamond production in Armenia increased 48% year on year to 78,871 carats. Belgium, China and Russia are the largest buyers of diamonds from Armenia.
  6. Signet Jewelers

    Key parts of the Zale's bridal portfolio are the Vera Wang jewelry line, Love and Celebration Diamond collections. The new Signet will represent approximately a 16% market share of the jewelry retail market in the United States.
  7. De Beers Diamonds

    “Our geologists will review all the available data and, given the right results, we will agree an earn-in arrangement on specific ground. This agreement gives exclusivity to Botswana Diamonds and is in addition to the joint venture to the north/north-east of Orapa, which has applied for 12 exploration licences.” Botswana Diamonds previously discovered diamonds in the AK10 kimberlite in the same license area in 2004. ALROSA's geologists are expected to join the quantity in the coming weeks in order to carry out additional soil sampling's and to locate exact drilling locations. Drilling for diamonds is expected to begin before the end of the first quarter.
  8. color diamonds

    Northern metropolitan areas in India are seeing a great push in flat and rose cut diamond sales are most of the ethnic style of Indian design, known as jadau, in wedding jewelry or offbeat designer pieces uses these stones. Diamond slices, rose cuts and flats are used in the majority of reproduction Indian and European jewelry design, which is a current rage. Citing a trend he noticed at the Jaipur Jewllery Show, "95 percent of the booths were displaying flat diamond jewelry in either a 24 karat jadau look or with silver and 14 karat gold in Victorian and European styles.
  9. Hong Kong Diamond Market

    Chow Tai Fook announced a 92.3% increase in profit from year-to-year and an increase of 48.5% in revenue over the same period in 2012 and a 72.9% increase in net profit, both record highs. Chow Tai Fook Diamonds and Jewelry will be opening 118 new retail stores during the first half of the 2014 fiscal year; bringing their total amount of store locations to 1,954. The company said it will look to increase its presence in the Tier III and lower tier cities throughout China. Lukfook recently opened 110 new outlets during the same time. Bringing the number of its store locations to a total of 1,188.
  10. Diamond Jewelry Sales

    But also, we buy sharper we know what we need, we listen to our market and we know what our customers want. And if something is doing well, we say 'Thank you very much' and we part company." The underlying message being that retailers cannot afford to stock merchandise that does not do well.

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