Your jewelry box is probably full of great pieces that work well in the summer but your collection isn’t complete without at least one summer cocktail ring. A fancy ring can be one of the statement pieces of summer jewelry. If you have never heard of this specific type of ring before, allow us to enlighten you with a brief history, followed by a few stunning recommendations that would match perfectly with a little black dress or boho beach outfit this summer!

What Is A Cocktail Ring?

A cocktail ring is a term given to an extravagantly large ring style. It might be of an intricate or showy design or set with colorful gemstones and/or diamonds. A plethora of stones is usually a rather complex design that immediately catches the eye.

The trend of diamond cocktail rings and gold cocktail rings began in the 1920s’ prohibition era, and the extravagance of the larger-than-life style very much reflected a combination of flapper glamor with a touch of boho sophistication that you might recognize from imaginings of stories like The Great Gatsby, for example. Finding popularity not just for obvious cocktail parties and celebrations, the cocktail ring has also been chosen for both engagement rings and wedding rings over the years.

When it comes to fashion rings that refuse to go out of style, the cocktail ring has much to commend to make sure it will never go out of fashion. They are expensive, they are ostentatious, and perhaps most importantly of all, their flashy designs, signature pops of color, and oversized center stones make them a whole lot of fun to wear on the left or right hand!

The Best Cocktail Rings On The Market

Now that you know exactly what a cocktail ring is, we think that it is about time you picked up a few for yourself! Every woman needs one or two statement rings in her collection that can instantly uplift any look or outfit, and standing out from the crowd is especially important in the summer when everybody is looking their most sun-kissed and radiant.

Whether you are heading out to brunch with the girls, the beach, or for a long weekend in New York, you need the perfect jewelry to accompany you on your adventures. Here are some of our recommendations for gorgeous summer cocktail rings that you can pair with any kind of outfit.

14K White Gold Modern Style Princess Diamond Band

If it’s diamonds that you want, then diamonds you will certainly have with this amazing show stopper of a ring. Gold jewelry doesn’t have to be the classic yellow color to make a statement, and the white gold of this summer cocktail ring is the perfect metal to be paired with the generous helping of shimmering stones that make up the band. The segmented diamond rows total five, which is certainly on the extravagant side of things and in keeping with the ring style’s decadent 1920s roots!

18k Rose Gold Art Deco Style Diamond Cocktail Ring

A wonderful example of a cocktail ring that doesn’t focus merely on large, showy stones or a traditional style. The stunning and intricate tapered design flatters the whole finger and the rose gold certainly draws the eye. The sinuous Art Deco design will work with so many outfits and is great for any special occasion.

14K White Gold Vintage Style Amethyst Diamond Cocktail Ring

summer cocktail rings

A pop of color is something that is signature for a classic summer cocktail ring, and as colors in jewelry go, you can’t get much better than amethyst. This shade of dark purple works well on all skin tones from fair to dark, which makes the ring a versatile choice for gifting to a loved one or simply treating yourself because you know that you deserve it! In terms of outfit pairings, the great thing about amethyst is that it works just as well for a black formal gown or a lighter, more casual daytime dress.

14K White Gold Art Deco Style Two-Tone Gold Diamond Ring

The Art Deco style of this particular ring is very much in keeping with the original influences of the cocktail ring’s origin. Art Deco is the movement that ruled the 1920s, and this two-tone, bold shape band design is perfect for showcasing some of that old-fashioned style in a modern jewelry context.

14K White Gold Vintage Style Diamond And Ruby Cocktail Ring

summer cocktail rings

If you can’t decide between clear diamonds or colored gemstones, then why choose at all!? This amazingly extravagant ring has plenty of both in a packed design that would be the statement piece of any summer look or outfit. Just like amethyst, rubies are another gemstone that is completely versatile in the sense that they suit any skin tone and can be worn in both a formal and casual summer setting.

14k White Gold Art Deco Style Black Diamond Cocktail Ring

summer cocktail rings

If ever there was a ring that epitomizes the ethos of Art Deco design with modern aesthetic appeal, it is this stunner. The clean lines and geometric shape scream Art Deco, yet it still manages to capture a futuristic, high-tech look. If you want a cocktail ring that is simplistic but eye-catching enough to be a conversation starter, this is it.

14k White Gold Modern Style Diamond Star Cocktail Ring

summer cocktail rings

Cocktail rings can look like pretty serious pieces of jewelry but they are also allowed to be fun. Younger women who want to wear summer cocktail rings may enjoy the look of this beauty. Very much modern rather than retro in style, the star shapes have mass appeal. It has such a versatile look that it can be worn with a casual t-shirt or a ball gown.

The rings we’ve featured are just a small sample of the collection of cocktail rings at 1-800-Loose Diamonds. Do browse our range - there’s sure to be some you fall in love with.