If you are lucky enough to have someone to call yours this year, then it's safe to assume that you are already planning what to do for them when the time comes to celebrate your anniversary. Whether you have been together for two years or thirty-two years, each anniversary is just as special as the last, if not more so!

Even though the love and affection might get easier as the years go by, one thing that runs the risk of getting trickier each time is coming up with good anniversary gift ideas. You want to make sure that you get your loved one something that you haven't given them before, but the longer you are together, the tougher the job gets!

I think we can all agree that it is a job worth having, however, and the search to find the perfect gift for your significant other is something that needs care and attention. It's not just a case of going to Amazon and typing in 'best anniversary gifts, because the first dozen or so pages are all going to be things that people will probably have bought your loved one before!

To make things extra special, you need to find a great gift that marks your special day in a way that only you could think of, but that doesn't mean that you can't get a little bit of help along the way!

Anniversaries are days that are specially reserved for individual couples, and because of this, the gift you choose should be more important even than Valentine's Day! With this in mind, here is a list of the best gifts that you can get for your loved one, whether is it your first wedding day anniversary or your fortieth!


1. A Daily Quality Time Journal For Two

do one thing a day together

This is a really cute idea for couples who like to make special time to do things together. Each page has lots of prompts and suggestions for activities that you can complete as a couple. It's a fun way to guarantee a bit of quality time each day, week, or however you want to space it out with your loved one.

2. A Plant Subscription Service

If your partner is one of the millions who seem to have gotten swept up in the house plant craze since the first Pandemic Lockdown, then treat them to an amazing plant subscription that sends interesting species to their door every single month! It's nice to gift cut flowers, but plants last much longer and prompt lasting memories. 

3. An Online Pastry Class

Make your next date night the most delicious one yet by gifting an online pastry class with an award-winning chef! After all, nothing says I love you quite like an amazing sweet treat prepared by a partner!

4. A Cocktail Infusing Kit

alcohol infusion kit

It's always fun to celebrate any special occasion with a drink or two, and you can mark your anniversary date with this wonderful cocktail kit. Use the infused fruit bases with your favorite liquor to make some unique personalized drinks.  

5. A Romantic Weekend Getaway

The perfect way to spend an anniversary is somewhere on the world map that you have never been before. Let your loved one choose a destination and you are guaranteed to have the best time ever. It's one of the best gifts for making new memories.

6. A Stunning Piece of Jewelry 

No matter what year of marriage you are entering into, she always deserves a new piece of jewelry! This kind of keepsake can be treasured forever, so make sure that you pick the perfect stones for her preferences to make it a truly personalized gift. If you're looking for a great jewelry gift for a male partner, take a look at 1800 Loose Diamonds. Our site has everything from cutting boards to cufflinks. There are some terrific unique gifts to which a monogram can be added. 

7. A Map to Mark Your Travels Together

From New York to Paris to London and beyond, you should be aiming to travel every corner of the Earth with your love. Thanks to this handy scratch-off map, you can keep track of all the magical places you visit together.

8. A Cosy Two-Person Sleeping Bag

If you are the kind of couple that likes to go camping together, then what could be better than this double sleeping bag? Whether you are newlyweds or long stayers at this point, it doesn't matter, you should always want to cuddle up in a practical yet romantic gift like this!

9. A Stainless Steel Carbonator

Thoughtful anniversary gifts are always the best kind, and if your loved one is obsessed with kitchen gadgets, then they will appreciate something like this top-of-the-range carbonator that is also compatible with Soda stream cylinders.

10. Set of Wine Glasses

Whether you prefer red, white, or rose, you always need a great wine glass in which to enjoy your evening tipple. Wine glasses are one of the most traditional wedding anniversary gifts but that doesn't mean it's a boring option. 

11. A Smokeless Fire Pit

This is a perfect anniversary gift for anyone who loves spending time in their yard. Imagine cold nights when you can snuggle up together with the flames to keep you warm and the spark of romance alive. 

12. A Cute Instant Camera

Indulge in some cute retro fun with an old-school vintage instant camera. Put the phone aside for a while to rediscover the art of making a photo album with all of the physical pictures that you can take.

13. Some Sentimental Sheet Music

Do you and your partner have a special song? If you do, then get it framed in the form of printed music. It's particularly special for the first anniversary where you can choose your wedding song from the big day 12 months ago. You can tell everybody this is your song ...

14. A Vinyl turntable Record Player

Add a retro feel to your home decor with this record player. You can use it on home date nights to play your favorite songs and dance together in the comfort of your living room.

15. Portable Pizza Oven

Why go out for pizza when you can make it even better in your own home? DIY pizza is one of the best things in the world! An oven is a gift that keeps on giving.

16. A Handdrawn Art Print

If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, then you can turn it into wall art for your home thanks to this great personalized gift service. Every time you look at the print, it will bring precious memories to mind.

17. A Map of Where You Met

Another occasion/location that can be turned into wall art to make a unique gift is a map of the town or city where you first met. It's a great illustration of the start of your love story.

18. A Set of Personalized Leather Coasters

If you like to enjoy an evening of drinks together at home, then boost your experience and your home decor with this set of unique leather coasters.

19. A Brand New Hiking Bag

If you like nothing more than heading on a walking trail together, then your partner is probably in need of a brand new bag. This one is functional and stylish and makes the perfect gift.

20. A Family Recipe Binder

If mealtimes are a sacred part of the day for you as a couple, special time, then gift this wonderful deluxe binder that you can put all of your favorite family recipes in to keep forever.

21. A Split Blanket and Bed Sheet

You aren't the only couple where one of you is a certified sheet stealer during the night. This handy split set is an amazing idea for an anniversary gift! Your home decor can still match stylishly, but there will no longer be the risk of waking up cold in the night with no covers on you!

22. A Romantic Chocolate Cake

If either of you has a sweet tooth, the best gift you could give each other for a special occasion is a heavenly chocolate cake just like this. Even better is that you probably get to share it. 

23. A Piece of Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to special occasions like a birthday, wedding day, or anniversary, you can’t go wrong with Diamonds Jewelry. Iconic jewelry is the first one that comes to mind for most people, so make sure that you pick the perfect piece! You'll see the joy as soon as that jewelry gift box is revealed. 

24. Luxurious Cotton Bed Sheets

You never realize how much of a difference that luxury sheets can make until you are laying in them. Give the gift of ultimate comfort to your partner on your anniversary.