Men's Diamond Rings

You are looking at our men's diamond rings blog. handmakes all of our men's rings in Los Angeles, California using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Shopping for men's jewelry can be difficult, especially men's diamond rings.  There are many styles to consider.  For example, men's plain bands. Furthermore, many men find wearing a ring to be challenging. Additionally, black gold men's rings are a popular style to consider as well as the euro shank men's rings.

Men's Diamond Rings Men's Diamond Rings

Men's Rings Versus

There are a variety of Men's diamond rings to choose from.  It is important to choose the correct type of ring to suit the gentleman.  For example, a man's ring is not called an engagement ring  Things to consider, size, metal type, design, and practicality.   Some men's diamond rings are not practical for daily use, as they can be bulky.  Furthermore, wearing a ring can be uncomfortable depending on the man's daily work and habits.

Men's Diamond Rings

Some gentleman question wethering wearing a ring with will look good on their hand altogether.   However, with guidance, one can choose the right type of man's ring.  It is best to start by considering the overall style of the men's ring.  Searching online for men's rings available online, though, you may have trouble choosing the one for you.  Here we will discuss all things to consider before making a decision on purchasing a man's ring.

Euro Shank Men's Rings

A unique style of men's rings is the Euro shank men's rings.  These men's diamond rings offer a comfortable style of men's ring.  This is due to the flat surface on the bottom of the ring that is then rounded.  Making for a comfortable for men's rings.

Euro Shank Men's Rings

Here is a sample of a princess cut men's ring with a euro-shank.  The euro shank style men's ring is a great alternative to a fussy gentleman who wants a man's ring with diamonds.  

Men's Plain Bands

When shopping for a man, think simplicity.  Many Men typically prefer simple men's plain bands.   This is because they are usually more comfortable as well as more practical to use daily.  These are different from men's diamonds rings as these have no stones.

Men's Plain Bands Continued

For example, plain men's bands also come in comfort style.  Additionally, the comfort fit style men's plain bands has rounded edges for a smooth surface.  This type of men's plain bands is described as men's rings that is a dome style in the interior.  This is where the ring touches the finger.  Furthermore, instead of a flat style, like the standard fit, the diameter at the exact middle of the men's plain bands.  Thus, between the two edges, it is smaller than the diameter at the edges of the ring.

Hence the name, comfort fit.  For example, one thing to consider is the size of the gentleman.  Furthermore, then one can consider what width and style to go with.  We suggest for a larger size man, with a ring finger size of 8, a 6-millimeter band or larger width.  Another important factor to consider is how comfortable the band is.

Black Gold Men's Rings

Many consumers do not know that men's rings come in black gold.  Furthermore, these items are unusual in that they are real gold but they use a rhodium that chemically changes the color to this darker metal.  Additionally, notice there are a few shades of black gold. offers a large selection of men's rings in black gold.  For example, black gold men's rings can be done in any style, including euro shank men's rings.  Also, when searching for black gold men's rings be sure to note that the rhodium or gold plating may fade after time.  This is very standard with black gold men's rings.

Gold Plating and Black Gold Men's Rings

When black gold men's rings start to fade after time they need to be taken to your jeweler for re-plating.  Gold plating can be done at  It is a method of adding thin layers of gold onto the surface of another metal.  Typically, the most often used metal is copper amd silver (to make silver-gilt).  The by chemical or electrochemical plating.  Furthermore, gold plating of silver is used in the manufacture of jewelry.

For example, silver atoms diffuse into the gold layer, causing a slow and gradual fading of color.  Eventually, this will cause tarnishing of the surface.  This process could take months and even years, depending on the thickness of the gold layer. A barrier metal layer is used to counter this effect. For example, copper also migrates into gold, however, does so more slowly than silver.  Likewise, copper is usually further plated with nickel.


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