Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant

You are looking at our ladies rose gold pink diamond halo pendant.  This rose gold pink diamond halo pendant is a slide style.  That means this item is flexible when moving, very comfortable. This diamond halo pendant comes adorned with pink diamonds in both the halo and necklace portion.  The necklace comes in 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches.  The pink diamonds uin this pendant qualify as fancy light pink, and very slightly included.  Furthermore, very slightly included is abbreviated as VS2 clarity.  The center diamond displayed is round shape, excellent cut, 0.80 carat weight, F color, VS2 clarity and is GIA certified.

Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant and GIA

GIA certification is very important when considering buying a diamond over 0.50 in carat weight.  GIA is an abbreviation for the Gemological Institue of America.  The Gemological Institue of America is the most prestigious gem certification company.  They are world famous for their strict standards and unwavering commitment to the Diamond, Gem and Jewelry Industry.

Black Friday Super Sale

A girl can never have too many diamonds.  Especially when they come in so many hues and colors to consider.  Pink diamonds are much more rare than their white counterparts.  Furthermore, green diamonds are even more rare.  Nevertheless, this rose gold pink diamond halo pendant is sure to dazzle.  It is vintage style and adorned with engraved work.

Do not miss out on our Black Friday Super Sale. Furthermore, with the holiday season finally upon us again many gentlemen may be asking themselves what is the right gift for the special person in your life. 1800 Loose Diamonds is proud to present a brand new limited edition Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant.   Moreover, the usual price on this item is $5,300 plus tax however on this Black Friday we will honor the price of $4,800 out the door, we pay the tax!

GIA Certified Diamonds

Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant Rose Gold Pink Diamond Halo Pendant with 0.80 carat center diamond GIA Certificate