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March 14, 2018

Engagement Rings Los Angeles

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Engagement Rings Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a wonderful sunny paradise where style is defined and personified.  Furthermore, Los Angeles takes style seriously.  That much is true on every corner of this multicultural diverse city. Engagement rings Los Angeles market is Based in the downtown section.  Based in Los Angeles, knows the needs of our city.  This is our hometown for 36 years straight.  Furthermore, we are based in the heart of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Additionally, take a look at these styles for a better understanding of popular styles of Los Angeles engagement rings and fine jewelry.  Angelenos love to express themselves through their clothing and hairstyles.  And naturally, by extension jewelry.  Additionally, the Los Angeles Engagement Ring market had a tremendous amount to offer in downtown jewelry mart.  Throughout the world, the Los Angeles Jewelry District is known to be world-famous.





Vintage Los Angeles Engagement Ring

One of the styles most often selected by consumers for Los Angeles Engagement Rings are vintage inspired. For example, this ring here is a vintage style ring very popular in the Los Angeles Engagement Ring market.  Notice the center diamond is an asscher cut diamond.  Also, this type of diamond, as well as the emerald cut diamond, are very popular styles that fit in with the Engagement Rings Los Angeles.  For example, both of these shapes of diamonds fall into the vintage style of diamond.


los angeles engagement ring

This diamond halo ring is a staple of the Los Angeles Engagement Ring market.

Los Angeles Engagement Ring

The Los Angeles Engagement Ring market is located in Downtown Los Angeles 90013.

Los Angeles Engagement Ring

For example, the Los Angeles Engagement Ring selection is unparalleled in the jewelry industry.



Popular Styles of Diamond Rings

New data research on the Los Angeles Engagement Ring market implies that new brides-to-be are becoming more risky with their engagement ring choices.  For example, websites and apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr help new brides find inspiration.  Also, one could say that the trends for engagement rings Los Angeles are put on these platforms to garner interest.  Furthermore, websites like Wedding Wire also host a bevy of styles coming from the Los Angeles Engagement Rings markets.  Moreover, one could say they are the best wedding service platform online.




Researching the Market for Engagement Rings

It is now well known that brides are searching the market for engagement rings Los Angeles for new styles. Furthermore, the most popular styles the Los Angeles Engagement Ring market shows that traditional diamond rings are less popular. For example, the emerging market of millennials searching for Engagement Rings Los Angeles look for three things: diamonds, art deco style engagement rings, and modern style engagement rings.








Moissanite Gems for the Los Angeles Ring Market

Customers looking in the Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market have also trended towards moissanite gems as their center stones.  Furthermore, research suggests that online searches for colored gems and moissanite stones are up significantly. Some 294 percent in total.  Additionally, this data coincides with data last year that shows that millennials were opting for more thrifty, affordable colored stones opposed to traditional natural diamonds. For example, Moissanite gems are basically lab-grown diamonds.  Likewise, they have similar properties to diamonds and are significantly less expensive than their natural diamond counterparts.   For example, a nice quality diamond 3-carat diamond could cost 20-30,000 US dollars, whereas a moissanite with the same specifications would cost you only around $1,000.00 US.

Jewelry District History and Engagement Rings Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Jewelry District is a part of Downtown Los Angeles where a bevy of jewelry products are manufactured, marketed and sold. Moreover, data from the Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau, suggests engagement ring Los Angeles market is the largest jewelry district in the United States. For example, the yearly sales report from the Jewelry District claims to have sold around $3 billion US.  Furthermore, the district comprises approximately around 5,000 businesses.  Also, the most popular destinations are is the Los Angeles engagement ring vendors on Hill Street, Olive Street.  Less popular is the Broadway area between 5th and 8th Street.

Engagement Ring Selection

For example. consumers can find designer jewelry, precious stones, and gold and silver items at street level.  Moreover, some of the jewelers found in the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, Pacific Center.  Also, the California Jewelry Mart, and the most prestigious International Jewelry Center also known as the “550” building.

Furthermore, the Los Angeles Jewelry District can be accessed by public transportation through the Red Line to Pershing Square station.  Additionally, the district is southeast of the Pershing Square, which is 90013 zip code.

Los Angeles Engagement Rings Market

The Jewelry District is mainly made up of buildings built between 1920-1940.  Interestingly, this was when the number of registered cars in the US grew exponentially from 160,000 to 842,000.  Additionally, this occurred within only approximately 10 years. About half of the area falls under the greater “Historic Core” of Downtown Los Angeles.  For example, this spans between Hill and Main Streets. Also, between 3rd and 9th streets. The majority of the construction took place was in the year 1923. For example, the oldest building to remain in the district is located at 543 South Broadway Avenue.  This is a three-story, 32,600 square foot commercial space.  The space is now rented to Teresa’s Bridals.

Engagement Ring Market

In the Engagement Rings Market, Platinum Jewelry is more expensive when compared to gold.

History and the Jewelry Market

The two first jeweler in the jewelry district where the Laykin Diamonds and Harry Winston & Co. Both stores were at the historic Alexandria Hotel.  Which is on 5th street and adjacent to the Los Angeles Jewelry District on S. Broadway.  This is just next to the 550 S. Hill Street Building where is located.

Engagement Ring Market offers amazing deals on the Solitaire style diamond engagement rings. 




Los Angeles Engagement Ring Market History

The number of new jewelry stores in the area did not come about until after the 1960s.  This is when the establishment of the Los Angeles Ring Market truly began. This is around the time when gold was seen as an alternative and a safer investment than U.S. dollars. Before this time it was the California Jewelry Mart dominated the local industry with its establishment on S. 607 Hill Street.

Los Angeles Engagement Rings

It was at this time the Los Angeles jewelry district truly began to flourish.  Furthermore, the jewelry district became even more popular with the opening of Saint Vincent Jewelry Center, which is still housed in a large 1923 building complex. This building features a European-inspired alley of restaurants and is alternatively spelled St. Vincent Jewelry Plaza.   Additionally, another popular building is located at 728 S. Hill Street which is the Jasper building.  Additionally, the building accommodatess another jewelry manufacturing center.

Engagement Ring Market Restoration

One particular historic site in process of restoration is Clifton’s Cafeteria on 648 South Broadway, whose original 1904 façade has been restored after 50 years of a grate-like, modern aluminum covering. This 1963 remodeling effort was an attempt to compete with the newer restaurants in the city suburbs.[10] It was once home to Boos Brothers Cafeteria until Clifton purchased the lease in 1935.[11]



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