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January 8, 2013


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Color Gemstones

Right now different color gemstones are all the rave.  Moreover, we all know fashion trends come and go.  Also, we also know that its fun to talk about what is currently popular in the fashion world. Currently, colored sapphires are the most popular gemstones in the market with tourmaline and spinel coming in at second and third respectively.

Some excerpts from prominent dealers in the market like Paul Dragone of Boston Gems says.

“Sapphires are by far the number one best selling gemstones on the market.  Whether they’re 4 carat or 5 carat, or a half carat melee. Blue sapphires are front and foremost; they’re the more traditional choice. Ceylon with cornflower blue overtones is the most popular color; its the most vibrant. Consumers are also partial to ice pink sapphires because they mimic pink diamonds.”

Joseph Mardkha, CEO of Colormasters Gem Corporation in New York, says “Blue sapphire in the medium to stronger colors is popular. Sizes that consistently sell are in the 1 carat to 4 carat range.  Moreover, sizes larger than 10 carats or 12 carats are also strong but those have become extremely expensive. We buy blue sapphire from Sri Lanka or Madagascar. The Madagascar materiel is much more consistent and available; even Sri Lankan cutters are buying Madagascar stones and cutting them.”

Joseph Menzie, President of Joesph Menzie Inc. New York mentions, “Blue Sapphires are the most sought after and they come from either Madagascar or Sri Lanka. In the high-end stones, there’s a lot of demand and not a lot of supply. High-end Kasmir sapphire stones have gone up 400% in price in 5 years.”

Gemstones versus Diamonds

With diamonds being so expensive many people are looking into purchasing other types of precious gems as both investments and for jewelry wear.  Also, the one thing that people must remember is that these stones are tangible goods.  Furthermore, precious gems are recession-proof in that they, like gold, have always maintained their value regardless of economic hardships.

Diamond Demand


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