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June 16, 2010

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight

A diamond carat weight or “Carat” designation is a measurement of both the size and weight of the stone. One “Carat” is a unit of mass that is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams or 3.086 grains) or 0.007 ounce. A carat can also have “points” with one carat being equal to 100 points.  And with each point being 2 milligrams in weight. Therefore, a 1/2 carat diamond would be 50 points, a 3/4 carat diamond is 75 points, and a 2 carat diamond is 200 points.

When a single piece of jewelry has multiple stones, the total mass of all diamonds or gemstones is referred to as “Total Carat Weight” or “T.C.W.”  And as a benchmark weight due to their predictably uniform weight.

Diamond Carat Weight and the Federal Trade Commissions

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) Jewelry Guides on Decimal Representations, “If the diamond’s weight is described in decimal parts of a carat, the figure should be accurate to the last decimal place.” If the carat weight is shown as “.20 carat” could represent a diamond that weighs between .195 and .204 carat. If the carat weight is shown as one decimal place, it must be accurate to the second decimal place. A diamond that has a specified carat weight of .5 carats must have an actual weight of between .495 carats and .504 carats.

Diamond Carat Weight and Diamond Prices

As a consumer, it is important to remember that diamond prices to not increase in a steady line.  As each jump past an even carat weight can mean a significant jump in pricing. Occasionally, a stone cutter will need to make compromises by accepting imperfect proportions.  And symmetry in order to avoid noticeable inclusions or to preserve the carat rating of the rough stone.

Since the per-carat price of a diamond is much higher when the stone is over one carat.  Many one carat diamonds are the result of compromising “cut quality” for “carat weight”. In this case, it is the consumer’s personal preference and/or what qualities in a diamond they consider to be more important than others which will determine the diamond’s desirability. Some jewelry experts will advise consumers to buy a .99 carat diamond.  Depending on a customer’s personal preference.

Grading Diamonds

Diamond info

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight refers to a unit of weight.


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