About us

1800 Loose Diamonds is a family run business founded by David and Michelle Lamden established in 1987 in the downtown Los Angeles jewelry district. Since opening, 1800 Loose Diamonds has provided unrivaled customer service, price, quality merchandise and overall satisfaction. 

Here at 1800 Loose Diamonds we have specially trained Gemologists on site who have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (also known as G.I.A.). If you have any questions, a highly trained expert will guide you to find exactly what you are looking for. At 1800loosediamonds.com our goal is to provide the best merchandise for the cheapest price possible.  Our inventory provides all qualities of diamonds from flawless to industrial grades. 

Asides from being an online company we also have showroom for our customers to visit.  Unlike other companies our customers have the option to come in and view our merchandise at anytime.  Please feel free to give us a call during our hours of operation and make a time convenient for you to visit our showroom. You will see that when you come to our showroom, you will be treated as if you were a part of the 1800LooseDiamonds.com family!

For our online customers, we can assure that you will always have a customer representative available to personally assist you at every moment of your shopping experience.  Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal!!!

Our services include:

  • Shank work (including soldering, ring sizing, mounting assembly and installing).
  • All prong work (including retipping and replacing prongs).
  • Stone setting (including tightening, channel set, bezel set, bead set, pave' set and bright cutting).
  • Finishing (including plating, enamel/epoxy, polishing & clean ring, satin finish and florentine finish).
  • Chain repairs/soldering (including advanced chain repair, basic chain repair, chain braiding with soldering, jump ring solder and charm soldering).
  • Clasp repair (including spring rings, fish hook, box clasp, lobster claw, box clasp and barrel clasp).
  • Pearl repair (including knotted restringing, restring without knots, drill pearl and glue pearl).
  • Engraving (including simple ring engraving and engraving setup).
  • Earring repair (including soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion and converting bracelet link to earring conversion).
  • Fabrication (including rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair).
  • Platinum (basic and advanced platinum welding and ring sizing).
  • Miscellaneous (including fabrication, gold testing and diamond testing).
  • Watch repair (including watch link removal, battery replacement, crystal replacement/repair and rebuilding movements).
  • Custom design work
Showroom, trade show and online prices may differ, Prices subject to change without notification.